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Not worth the effort
Reviewed by toolman  /  September 20 2009
As a US citizen, I have never ben able to get them to send a book abroad. I no longer conceive of them as an option.

Another Worthless Fake Site... Underhanded Tactics
Reviewed by Magick Wyrd  /  April 30 2009
Not much to say, it's not a real bookseller. It's another stonewall built by competitors, simply ruins the book-finder feature by eliminating any possibility of finding a book at the lowest price elsewhere... advertising books they don't have at $0.00.

Amazon, or B&N, who knows, periodically they do this to whack the little guys.

I don't care, every time I see their $0.00 I will simply look and check the other booksellers to see what's low price.

It would be nice if FetchBook would block these jerks.

Advertises books for "$0.00" but you can't get them
Reviewed by Reader Views Top Reviewer  /  April 28 2009
Advertises books for "$0.00" but you can't buy them
What kind of a scam is this?

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