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Haven't filled all my orders, but great deals when they do
Reviewed by fetch this  /  December 04 2009
Very courteous and rapid shipment once they locate the book and receive payment.

If you pay by Paypal, they wait until they locate a book before invoicing. It's an extra step, but I like to encourage some price competition - especially since the two leading vendors have standardized at $4 shipping fees from third-party sellers.

Very good experience with Strand Books
Reviewed by ECDJ  /  June 05 2008
I had no problem ordering my book from this store. I got it for a lot less than the price of Amazon and it is in new condition. It arrived very quickly. I would order from them again. There is no problem navigating their website at all. My experience was great.

Another bait and switch
Reviewed by pce  /  March 11 2008
Yet another case of ordering a book this store says is in stock, and more than two days later they changed the status of my order from "Quantity 1" to "WANT LISTED". By that time, other sites with a good price for the book I wanted no longer had it available. This behavior is unacceptable - particularly if (as it seems) it is repetitive behavior. At least they never charged my credit card. If you can't find your book anywhere else, you can give them a try - but try the others first.

always had no problem
Reviewed by GMal Top Reviewer  /  September 11 2007
I've ordered from them a few times and the book always arrived quickly, in better condition than expected, and they sent me a confirmation email when it was sent, too. I used to buy from their bricks and mortar store, too, and could sometimes find good deals.

Expedient Shipping
Reviewed by gdavison  /  August 13 2007
I was hesitant to order from these guys after reading the negative reviews here, but I gave them a shot and was glad I did. Fast shipping and the book arrived as advertised. I will gladly order from this seller again!

Exceptional pricing and good quality
Reviewed by dokness  /  March 20 2007
I had been hesitating to buy a particular book because of its $150 list price. Strand books advertised a "good" used copy at $50 and I purchased it. The book arrived after about 1-2 weeks and was essentially brand new and in mint condition, far better than its rating would suggest. I was extremely pleased.

Great service for in-stock items.
Reviewed by rgu  /  January 24 2007
Discounts on new books can be as deep as 50% on in-stock items.

Every purchase I have made has been dispatched quickly.

Every book has been in the advertised condition.

Over a half-dozen or so purchases, I have not experienced any falsely reported inventory issues.

AVOID Strand Books
Reviewed by bpfsr  /  December 29 2006
So far I have bought four books from Strand that they have listed here as "in stock". They have cancelled one order and wait listed me on two others. I'm expecting similar action on the other as I only ordered it yesterday. I thought I would give them a chance even though most reviews here say they will not deliver books they claim to have. Do yourself a favor; avoid the time wasted and aggrovation and avoid them completely.

The key is to buy more than one!
Reviewed by sashen  /  November 16 2006
I LOVE Strand Bookstore... when I lived in NY, I would go there at least once a week and spend HOURS (and a lot of money ... in fact, I turned down a great apartment rental across the street because I knew I'd blow my rent money on books if I lived that close! ;-) ).

Now that I'm far away I've discovered that the key to ordering from Strand is to order more than one book. They charge about $3.50 for shipping for your first book, but only $0.50 for additional books.

Also, their customer service has been PHENOMENAL ... any time I have had an ordering glitch, they've taken care of it courteously and quickly.

Strand bookstore
Reviewed by sigrid  /  November 11 2006
The Strand Bookstore in NYC is enormous and chaotic, a wonderful place to browse. Unfortunately, when people browse, they don't necessarily return them to the proper place. I imagine that is why they sometimes have trouble locating something that they know is in the inventory. If you want something quickly, it would probably be easier to order from Powells or Barnes and Noble. The Strand, however, is the largest independent bookseller that I know of so it is worthwhile to use them when you can.

the seller doesn't have the book
Reviewed by tvphihung  /  October 24 2006
I tried to buy the book from this sellers, after two weeks, the said that I had to wait until they can locate the books. It's really waste my time.

Reviewed by mic  /  October 18 2006
Cheap and Reliable.
Got my books a week too late, but than again, I'm leaving on the Mediterranean, so I'm not sure they are to be blamed... ;-)

Seller did not have book.
Reviewed by Kaalyx  /  June 12 2006
This store needs to keep better inventory records. I ordered one book, but was told that it was not in stock and could be "want listed" for 60 days. After 40 days, I cancelled the order after hearing no news from them. Big waste of time.

no order
Reviewed by klues  /  May 05 2006
my order got cancelled after 3 weeks. no communication from this seller at all.

No book and took 4 days to tell me they didn't have it.
Reviewed by sharig  /  March 18 2006
Took 4 days to tell me they could possibly get this book. They should not list books they don't have!

wonderful store
Reviewed by librarygirl  /  November 06 2005
This store offers new as well as older hard to find books at great prices. The books are in superb condition and arrive promptly. I have ordered from them dozens of times and on the rare occasion that I have had a problem with an order the customer service department responds promptly and to my satisfaction. Highly recommended!

Failed to supply book
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 09 2005
List indicated multiple copies in stock; after three days Strand said did not have book.

Strand BooKs
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 26 2005
Because I like the actual store, I have learned to use the website and I think it's great. Shipping is generally very prompt. It's the first place I look for books I want.

Fast accurate service
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 10 2005
My orders have been processed accurately, quickly, and books received in the shape promised better. A very professional organization!

Ordered from Strands 3X....
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 07 2005
... and been pleased with every purchase.

Their prices are good and I like the Pay Pal option for payment.

Delivery has been quick and the books have been as described.

Really a site which is worth the visit
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 28 2005
Sure, Stranbookstore hasn't the best buyer online interface you should wait from them.
But they are friendly, they sell hard-to-find books from time to time (stay tuned), really good prices and you can pay with paypal.
From my own experience (3 orders in the last 5 months from France), definitely a site to visit. My rate is 4/5 (unfortunately they do not list enough books online)
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 27 2005
Poorly designed website. Very difficult to navigate, slow, and when I wanted to check out it wouldn't allow me to create an account so I could actually, you know, *check out*.

Near as I can tell, the purpose of the website was to allow people to buy stuff. It failed miserably at this.

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