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Reviewed by Murk  /  July 03 2011
They took my money and sent me an email stating they can't track my books mailed USPS. They have no phone number to contact them. These people need to be investigated by the Better Business Bureau. SuperBookDeal are robbing the public. STAY AWAY. Use known reputable companies to order your books. You don't save anything when your ripped off.

Beware of Super Book Deals . com
Reviewed by dweiss  /  December 26 2009
Beware of Super Book Deals. Although they may advertise a low price, after taking your order they will refuse to honor it by making up some story about why then cannot accept your credit card, at least until the price goes up, or perhaps they get you to jump through some other hoops! Not a good company to do business with. After all, a low prices is not worth anything if they never deliver the product.

Not a reputable business
Reviewed by Diego  /  September 16 2008
Avoid this outfit like the plague. You'll save yourself a lot of grief.

Reviewed by Kasiad  /  September 20 2007
I ordered 1 book, and 6 days later, no confirmation email, their tracking said it hadn't been sent, and the money hadn't even been taken from my account. I finally decide to email costumer service, only to find out that the book wasn't even is stock! They didn't tell me that when I ordered. But, they said I could cancel if I wanted to. I immediately email back saying yes, please cancel. I get an email saying it was impossible to cancel because it has already been sent. WHAT!? I email again saying no, the money is still in my account and the site still says it hasn't been sent. then I check my bank account, and miraculously they had taken the money. But still, the book hadn't been sent. The next morning I get the same email, saying it's on its way and should take 1 to 2 weeks. (they said that a week ago) I check the tracking site, and it says the book had been sent 20 minutes ago. Please! So I just want my book and won't bother complaining, but I shall never order from this site again. Terrible customer service!!! I should have at least gotten a discount for this. Oh well...

A month after ordering, no book and no explanation
Reviewed by kathair  /  February 04 2007
A couple of weeks after I ordered 2 books (textbooks, for an ongoing course) I emailed customer service. They said it was shipped via USPS media mail and no tracking was available, but that it would take 4 - 14 business days. (Never heard of it taking nearly that long for even USPS to deliver within the US.) After another week - still no books. Again, same BS from customer service. (They already charged my credit card, of course.) Looks like I'm in for having to cancel the order, fight with them over credit card charges, and reorder from a reputable source, meanwhile having to borrow other people's text for the course.

Another damaged book
Reviewed by rgu  /  January 11 2007
Received a large book in a much larger box with no packing material. All four corners of the book are broken. The four corners of the spine are all torn. The book was represented as "new", but the fact there are creases down the spine makes me suspicious. Once again, they offered the best price (for "new").

never inform you even they don't have the book now
Reviewed by kevin zhang  /  November 06 2006
I ordered a book from superbuydeals and they always asked me to wait for the processing even they apparently didn't have it. If you didn't call them, the processing will go forever. They won't contact you or sent you an email until you have to cancel it finally.

Cancelled my order without telling me
Reviewed by Ruti  /  September 09 2006
After my order was defined in the tracking page as "not processed yet" for more than a week, i wrote to customer service. They replied that they cancelled the order immidiatly after it was made, because they don't ship to my country. That's legitemate, but why couldn't they tell me about it? And why does the site accept orders to here? And you can understand from the site and the help pages that they ship all over the world. Well, at least they answered me quickly when I wrote.

lost merchandise
Reviewed by russy  /  September 05 2006
Bought a book through SuperBookDeals and it arrived with a smashed cdROM.Sent it back and VOILA,it never arrived!What a waste of money,time and effort!!!!

Thoughly pleased!
Reviewed by thurst  /  July 29 2006
Best new price. Immediate drop shipped notice. Reasonable media mail shipping time.

Reviewed by STK  /  June 24 2006
The publisher of this text is Orchard Publications, not "none."

Reviewed by Wischman  /  March 16 2006
I've made three separate purchases from this store. No problems.

Good service
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 02 2006
So far, books ordered from SuperBookDeals have been new and perfect, at very good prices including low shipping costs, packed securely, and delivered promptly. Let's hope this service continues.

Never Got the Book
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 26 2005
Got confirmation, five days later book never shipped. Never heard from them after reciveing confirmation of processing. Had to rebuy elsewhere.

pretty good
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 08 2005
Just bought two books. Price are excellent and shipping is fair.

Shipped on time
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 03 2005
I ordered a technical book. The expected time to receive in Brazil was 14 business days. It arrived in 13 business days. OK. On time

Reviewed by Guest  /  August 23 2005
I have ordered a book and recieved an order confirmation.
The order has been cancelled due to unknown reason and without notifying by returned mail. It seems that Out-of Stock books are being displayed and can be ordere too - Isnt it tricky ?

Reviewed by Guest  /  August 22 2005
Up-side: Excellent price on the new technical book I bought
Down-side: What was supposed to be a "new" book arrived with a severely ripped binding.

Good Customer Support
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 05 2005
I ordered an expensive book but when it finally arrived, USPS just dropped it outside my apartment building without a notice. I came home to find an empty box. I notified the cust service department and they were very good about getting another copy delivered quickly by a more reliable company.

Never again
Reviewed by van  /  July 11 2005
I ordered a book and three business days later I called to check its status, because it still hadn't shipped. They told me that it was actually on backorder, that I was the twelfth person in line for the book, and that their website doesn't show that books are out of stock until five days after the fact. This makes no sense to me. I just cancelled my order and will take my business elsewhere. I am sure some people have lucked out and have ordered books that are actually in stock, but I say don't take the chance - this company is a joke.

On time, good quality
Reviewed by Aviv  /  June 14 2005
I ordered a new book from them, with International Shipping to Europe.
The book was shipped on time - a day after the order was placed, and arrived after 8 days (they say it's 8-10 business days).
Book looks brand new.
The only thing is that the wrapping was a bit torn, but it really didn't heart the book.

Reviewed by rutiger  /  May 18 2005
I purchased 2 books and inquired 1 week later why my order had not been processed yet. I was told that I needed to fax an authorization along with a copy of my card to process the purchase. When it was finally processed, the books were on back order. Not only was I never informed about a required fax, but the books were both supposedly "in stock". I will NEVER do business with this company.

Had no problems with them...
Reviewed by Guest  /  April 02 2005
So far I had no problems with SuperBookDeals. They sent me the books I ordered in time, and nothing went wrong.

cheap books in good condition
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 23 2005
Yes, the book took a little longer than expected to arrive, but they have the cheapest shipping rates not to mention cheap books in good condition.

Good Service
Reviewed by ssdc  /  March 03 2005
Book was shipped 48 hours after order placed. Shipping took 4 weeks - slower than premium service from other sellers - but SuperBookDeals have the cheapest shipping rate.

Text Book Order
Reviewed by Geneva1711  /  February 23 2005
This was my first - AND LAST - order experience through SuperBookDeals. I ordered a book on January 15, 2005. As of February 17, my order had still not shipped. During the interim, through my numerous inquiries as to the status of my order, I received a lot of "customer no service" excuses as to why I hadn't received my order. The company offered no real customer satisfaction service other than they were "happy" to cancel my order, which I promptly took them up on. I've since ordered and received the text book through another supplier.

Required credit card front and back to be faxed
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 03 2005
I ordered several books and received an e-mail that books would not be shipped unless I faxed the front and back of my credit card to them, based on the size of my order. I did call my credit card company who advised me never to fax that kind of information

Shipping times
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 02 2005
Had ordered a book which never was received. Instead of the company contacting me to say that they were trying to source the book, they just ignored my message and said it was being processed. Problem was that it was advertised to be shipped in 1-2 days. Decided to cancel the order and by it elsewhere when after calling the company they admitted they did not have the book in stock and did not have a source located.

Very reliable internet bookstore!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 28 2005
I have purchased many books from this store. All the books arrived on time, were very reasonable priced and were shipped with the lowest available shipping rate for overseas orders. This is a highly recommended online bookstore!

Terriffic store
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
Great store, very reliable. I will definately go back and shop there again. excellent service !!! I reccomend deeply.

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