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Reviewed by Anon  /  May 22 2009
Pickabook here. We are delighted to have customers who shop with us every week of the year. And we are grateful to the many customers who email us to congratulate us on our service.
If any problems occur, we are happy to look at them on a case-by-case basis.

Purchased once, but OK
Reviewed by wickymouse  /  November 27 2008
Purchased only once, but everything was OK. I can recommend this store.

Terrible service and very unprofessional
Reviewed by oliwa5  /  January 17 2008
I ordered a $45.00 book and even asked them to mail it (to Canada) in a cardboard mailer for protection - I needed it for a gift. They said in an email: "We will of course ensure that your order is in excellent condition and packaged well".
AND THEN they mailed it in a bubble envelope without any kind of protection whatsoever. The book arrived warped with badly bumped corners and I had no use for it.
Steer clear of these so called "professionals".

Doesn't ship to denmark
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 05 2005
"Due to circumstances beyond our control, with effect from February 2005, we no longer accept orders for delivery to Denmark.

We apologise for any disappointment which this may cause."

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