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Good Intutive Interface
Reviewed by NYU-Student  /  July 06 2009
I like the interface of this shopping site, found some killer deals on laptops..

Found Many Great Deals!
Reviewed by onlineshopper  /  July 06 2009
not a bookseller, but a comparison shopping with good navigation

Where┬┤s the book?
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  December 09 2007
Many times I have waisted time looking for a book, or at least, a link leading to the offered item. I have only found pages with price comparisons, recommendations and so on, but the book has been never ever listed in the site.

less than half the value of any other bookseller site
Reviewed by GMal Top Reviewer  /  September 12 2007
What's the point in even including them? After all, they don't actually sell books, or at least, it seems that way since there's no way to get the books at the low prices they list.

Half Value is a fraud
Reviewed by jorgear  /  September 02 2007
I have many books at the wish folder.
Fetchbook reports that Half Value has all books but they have none.
Half Value must be renoved from Fetchbook immediately!

Half value is fraud
Reviewed by polymer  /  August 24 2007
It shows a signifiacntly low price, but you can't buy the book at that price. TOTAL CHEATER. Should be reported for desecration of the sanctity of Fetchbook.
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 22 2007
Same problem with the UK website, for funneling to Amazon. Amazon, Google and eBays are big enough already. For this kind of crap, I've started using alternative sites like Barnes & Noble. Book info, recommendations etc. are actually better than Amazon.
FetchBook.Info should shape up soon too!

Half Value has no value
Reviewed by Beregond  /  August 22 2007
. . . as stated by previous reviewers.
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 16 2007
Looks like will never be fixed. An alternative is

book is never there for purchase
Reviewed by chhor  /  August 12 2007
how to buy the book on The site immediatly takes me to Amazon book list and it becomes impossible to purchase the book as been quoted on the Halfvalue site( the site always quotes the lowest price which is never there for purchase). Please remove this site from fetch book.

Not a Book Seller, it's "advertising" get rid of it
Reviewed by Magick Wyrd  /  August 12 2007
There is no way to purchase from HALF.VALUE, it is a promotional advertiser, with a book list search that has no accurate value.
HALF-VALUE completely ruins Fetchbook results.
Wish Lists are made unuseable because of HALF-VALUE, any optimum price it destroyed by the artificial HALF-VALUE low price, it wipes-out user's "alert" options.
A waste of FechBook users time and nullifies wish lists.
Get rid of it, or Fetchbook users will lose interest in the service they can no longer depend on due to HALF-VALUE artificial price interference.

Book doesn't exist, can't order
Reviewed by rarecopy  /  August 10 2007
Still wasting our time, making Fetchbook almost useless. Why is it permitted? Doesn't anyone care?

poor book store ever
Reviewed by stone  /  August 09 2007
there is no way to understand how to buy the book in this website. really let me down.

Reviewed by kellan  /  August 08 2007
It is very frustrating to chase a lead into a brick wall. A brick wall is exactly the function of

If I could BUY the book for twice the posted price it would be great! BUT they don't have books all they have are prices! Absolutely worthless to buyer because they don't have books and worthless to sellers because their prices are too low. Please remove!

RE: I guess the disclosure says it all
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 05 2007
When you try to buy a book, the site indicates that it has discontinued the seller's program. Sellers are requested to list with partner sites and the books would then be listed on
What doesn't make senses is where they get these prices to lure you in.
Why not just shut down the site and lead people to Amazon, which probably owns this joint anyway.

These books are not available
Reviewed by rarecopy  /  August 05 2007
This makes FetchBook unuseable by always listing the lowest price then not delivering. I can't understand why Fetchbook don't do something about it. Avoid like the plague or prepare to have your time wasted.

Reviewed by LabRat  /  August 03 2007
Uses bait-and-switch scam. It doesn't actually offer the books for the prices it advertises.

RE: still does not work
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 03 2007
This site is suspicious for a front to lure customers for The prices are no longer listed. But that site sometimes has the best deals.
All the positive reviews were from 2006 and 2005. The site probably worked well at that time.

Reviewed by perkedel  /  August 02 2007
nothing work

Remove this website
Reviewed by elinger  /  August 02 2007
This website is for price comparison, they do not sell books at the price listed.

half value sucks
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 02 2007
Tried to buy from their site. Nothing works exception for the Amazon buy it button, which is full price.
The price on their site also kept changing.

Awful Place
Reviewed by Book_Lover  /  August 01 2007
FetchBook.Info --- Please blot out this website. It is messing up my WISH LIST! If FetchBook.Info does not blot this website, my wish list becomes useless and I will have to use some other search site. has no books for sale that is really low in price. It seems they only list and Could it be ... ? Others are also complaining of this same problem.

store review
Reviewed by chhor  /  July 31 2007
The store site won't let me purchase the book. The low price was just fake to get to their site.

this store posts prices for books they don't have
Reviewed by kellylondry  /  July 31 2007
This store is posting very low prices for books it doesn't even have. This is corrupting the wishlist contact capability that makes FETCHBOOK so useful!!!!

Buy the best things at
Reviewed by Steve Cron  /  April 24 2006
Bought lots of medical books. I saved 35% over other lowest listing. Books arrived quickly and in condition stated! as promised.

Low price online Shoping Place
Reviewed by john methew  /  April 17 2006
All the item are availabe on low price in camparision to any other site.And also Relable seller

ordering from
Reviewed by ohiostate74  /  March 11 2006
I ordered a book from for the first and last time. After 3 weeks, I still had no book. I contacted the seller twice and halfvalue three times. The seller never got back to me. Halfvalue basicallly told me it was not their problem and that I had to deal with Pay Pal and my credit card company. PayPal is trying to recove my payment. Amazon and would never pass the buck and on situation like this. DON'T BUY FROM THIS SITE.

web site won't let me buy it
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 05 2006
Same comment that other people have said.

Can't get to website!
Reviewed by babiesrus  /  May 03 2005
When I click on the link from Fetchbook, I always get an error. When I go directly to the site, I search for the same book and they don't have it. Also, it seems all books that show up as being available at through fetchbook have the exact same price! $37.00 Hmmm...

Reviewed by Guest  /  March 27 2005
Bought 2 book titles I needed for class. I saved 40% over Amazon lowest listing. Books arrived quickly and in condition stated! Not many sellers on this site though.

Web site doesn't work!
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 23 2005
I have a similar comment to the first review. I really wanted to buy a book from these people, and darned if I could figure out how to accomplish that on their Web site. I couldn't figure out how to get to a screen that would permit me to give these people money.

Web site doen't work!
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 22 2005
When I click the "Buy at Half Value" link for ANY book, I get the following error:

500 Servlet Exception


Resin 2.1.11 (built Mon Sep 8 09:36:19 PDT 2003)

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