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Book availability
Reviewed by skkpk  /  April 15 2005
They advertise that they can get a hard to find book but they end up canceling the order after a couple of months. Happens time and time again. False advertising.

Good on hard-to-find books. Not good on knowing how hard!
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 30 2005
They managed to find me a book that was in print, but I couldn't track it down anywhere. Great!

Trouble is, they showed 1-2 weeks availability. Four months later, they finally billed me and it arrived.

They're clearly great at sourcing stuff. But: 1. Take their availability times with a pinch of salt. 2. They don't have any facility online to look at, amend or cancel an order once placed, which makes hit hard to track down why there is a delay (should one occur).

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