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terrible people!
Reviewed by amhinsha  /  September 19 2014
I rented a book for a summer study abroad program in May. Received the book in a decent time frame, however it was the wrong book. The isbn sticker/barcode was placed over the original isbn/barcode and did not match the original which i found for myself on the publisher page(at this point i have no time to order a new book and had to leave without it).
they refunded my rental fee, i printed the return label, and dropped the book off at the UPS store i always use, down the street from my house. I left for my program and didn't think about it again. In august(THREE MONTHS LATER!) i got a notice they never received the book and ecampus took 132 dollars out of my account while i was disputing the issue with them. Honestly, i'm not even sure which book they charged me for, the one they actually sent or the one they were SUPPOSED to send in the first place. pretty terrible experience, not even my bank was able to successfully get my money back.

Different ISBN numbers.
Reviewed by kou  /  December 28 2009
I ordered the book with international edition. But they shipped me an indian edition. And explained it is the same book, same content.
They do not accept return also!

Reviewed by Bob2256  /  November 20 2009
THIEVES: eCampus,, a1retailoutlet, & They sent me only 1/3 of order, refused refund. They stole my money. THIEVES.

Reviewed by latinabrum  /  November 02 2009
This website has really good prices on their books, the problem is they will never send them to you. I ordered a set of books and after the stated processing time of 7 to 10 business days was told " we can't get the books from our usual source and are looking elsewhere." Then a week after that was told they still don't have an expected ship date. The kicker is the website still lists the books as "usually ships in 7 to 10 business days". Worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

Reviewed by kvanmar  /  September 18 2007
This store took 11 days to tell me my order had been cancelled. Before they told me it was cancelled they sent a message saying it would be shipped on Sept 17, coincidentally the day before I received the cancellation message. Poor service.

lists "new" copies of OOP books, but doesn't have them
Reviewed by GMal Top Reviewer  /  September 11 2007
Like many other sellers on the net, they list OOP books as being in stock, at the original list price, but then when you order after a few days they cancel it. If it's a hard-to-find book, don't waste your time with them.

Great service
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 17 2007
Store has good prices on new and old books. Somewhat limited selection. Prompt shipment and fair dealings.

Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  July 31 2006
Once I have placed an order at because had sent to me an earlier warning about an affordable offer. Placing the order is quite simple, I have not experienced any frictions while dealing with the website. The book arrived at my place very well packaged, and it was still the best offer for that item in a very broad period of time. It is advisable to search for offers at

Reviewed by kilted1  /  July 24 2006
I requested some information from the copyright of one of their listed books and was informed that they were unable to reach the book to get the details I wanted. My first thought was that the book was on a 40-foot high shelf and their tallest ladder was 25-feet - but dismissed the thought. Then I realised that it IS quite difficult to read the copyright page of a book one does not possess. Let's beat them up with frozen pigs bladders!!!

General Review
Reviewed by Catherine C. Yukish  /  July 21 2006
I have ordered from several different bookstores within the Fetchbook bailiwick. I have received outstanding service, quality books and very quick delivery.
I have no problems with any of my books - AND I have ordered MANY books in these past years.

Don't go for the cheapest price
Reviewed by Canuck  /  January 20 2006
For those who complain about ECampus, Classbook and other web booksellers, here's a tip. There are many so-called "third-party" vendors on the Net -- some thru Amazon Marketplace, Biblio etc that list books autmotically but don't have them in stock. When they receive an order, they try to fill it. Often they cannot.
So be on the lookout for those who profess to have the cheapest prices. Often, they are the ones you will have the most trouble with. After all, you get the service you pay for.
Pay the extra few bucks and deal with a reputable firm.

Reviewed by Guest  /  January 08 2006
I have used ecampus for quite a while and haven't experienced any problems with them. I always save 5 bucks for each order using the coupon Save5 or 5save. I've always received my orders within a week. If you plan to order from ecampus, make sure the item is not only in stock but also if it ships within 1 business day. That almost guarantees that they have the item.

eCampus is the WORST online seller I have encountered!
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 02 2006
Stay away--even if the price is tempting. Their customer servicve is NOT worth your sanity.
Head all previous warnings!

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Reviewed by guest  /  December 17 2005
This seller's feedback is a big ZERO for a reason!

They don't have inventory as presented on Fethcbook and cancel your orders, leaving you in a lurch.

They lie.
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 06 2005
So after waiting 6 weeks, I get an email tellinng me the order is being cancled since they can't get the book. (The one they showed as being able to get in 3-5 days)
Okay, but guess what:
the same title still shows up as be one they can get in 3-5 days!
Pass these clowns by!
One of these days, someone will sue them and open class action.

Reviewed by Guest  /  November 18 2005
They led me to beleive, that the book was in stock, so I ordered the book, and waited, and waited, and never heard from them again..DO NOT...order anything from this vender

Reviewed by Guest  /  September 30 2005
My school arranged to have everyone sell their books to eCampus at the end of last year, and buy new ones from them this year too. My friend sold $170 worth of textbooks to them last year, and has never received his check in the mail as promised. On the phone, they claim that he never sold them any books.

I bought my books from Amazon, but everyone else at my school that ordered books from eCampus had to wait about a month past the beginning of the school year to get their textbooks. This is the worst place to buy books from. I will never use them, and neither will my school again.

Deceptive claims-bad service
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 30 2005
My son's school arranged for all their students to get their books through eCampus this year. People began placing orders in June. When school started in August, almost no one had any books at all - except those who ordered from another source. Books did not arrive until several weeks into the semester. Meanwhile, eCampus assured the school several times that the books were on the way. They will not be the school's book source again.

Same complaint as everyone else
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 12 2005
This is the second (and final) time I have had to wait 7 weeks for my order, only to be told they were unable to locate a supplier for the book. Strange that 20 other dealers have it, with a 7-10 day delivery. Will not use this vendor again.

this site blows
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 12 2005
You'll never receive your book on time for your classes. Pay the few dollars extra at barnes and noble, at least you'll get it!

Some orders ok, some not...
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 11 2005
I have ordered from this store several times. Sometimes, the books would be delivered promptly, and correctly. But when I really needed a book quickly, they did not ship it. They claimed that the book(s) I ordered would ship within 2-3 business days, but after two weeks, they book(s) still had not shipped. No apologies made, no offer to ship the book faster when it would become available, so I just cancelled the order. I will not shop at this site again. It is not worth the extra few cents you save to waste all that time. I now have to go purchase the book I need somewhere elese, and will now be 2-3 WEEKS behind on my assignments. Thanks! (NOT!)

Scam, Fake Listings
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 07 2005
They falsely claim they have the books. You will NEVER recieve the book. When asked about your book, they will email you that the book will be sent when they become available. If you are a college student who needs a book as soon as possible, STAY AWAY OR YOU WILL WASTE YOUR TIME !!!!! Seems like a SCAM site. Fetchbook should remove ecampus listings !!!!!

Reviewed by Guest  /  September 04 2005

negative feedback
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 03 2005
Ordered book said to be in stock. Received email 5 days later that they did not have it. Now I am 2 weeks behind in my class work. Thanks!

Horrible horrible horrible service
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 02 2005
Wow- that's all I can say. Their website said they had this book on stock and it would be able to ship in 3 to 4 business days. I had been looking for it everywhere. I go to school and desperately need it. After waiting for a week for my book to materialize, I emailed the website several times before I got an automated response that my order was placed and I would be told if it was sent. I was worried the book wasn't in stock so I emailed questions about whether they had it. I kept getting the same automated response that I would be contacted when my order was shipped.

After maybe two weeks (after I should've received the damn thing) and lots of angry emails, they finally sent me an email saying they had the book in stock and they were trying to get it to me as soon as possible. My delivery charge would be waived.

I've been waiting for five weeks. Five weeks after when I should've received my book, I just received an email from them that said my order has been cancelled because the book isn't in stock. No apologies. nothing. I've wasted so much time. I will NEVER ever use ecampus again. I suggest others to avoid it like the plague.

And I just checked their website to see if they had updated it so the book they didn't have in stock was taken off as not available. NO, it's still listed and shown as available to be shipped in 3 to 4 days. Just sums up the whole experience there. Crappy service, rude treatment.

Don't Bother
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 01 2005
They offer great prices and say a product is in stock.
Then they hold your items citing "credit card problems" or backorder. After a few weeks they cancel your order with no warning or options to help you get the product. Waiting to see if they are honest about not charging your credit card.


Poor Service
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 18 2005
As mentioned by many others, if the item is not in stock, you are not notified for weeks and weeks. Persistant phone calls finally will get a lame excuse about "backorders" etc.

did not receive after almost two months
Reviewed by Guest  /  July 26 2005
ordered a book from eCampus, they sent an email after a few weeks saying they had still not located the book. After about another month I sent one to them asking about the status. They said it was still not in stock...alas, two days later I received an email saying they could not fill the order.

Don't waste your time ordering....
Reviewed by chizziemath  /  June 24 2005
Your order probably will not arrive. You will (in 4-6 weeks), however, receive another email telling you that in another 4-6 weeks your order should arrive (which it probably will not). This site is worthless.

Dishonest seller
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 24 2005
I ordered a book which this store claimed to be in stock. After a few weeks delay they still insisted they would deliver it. Finally after two months they had to cancel my order due to their inability to deliver the book. Don't waste your time with those people.

Poor service.
Reviewed by librarygirl  /  February 24 2005
Have attempted to order many books from eCampus for our library. They claim they are available, but never are delivered. Sometimes the books will arrive, but many times is is months later when you are notified that the order has been cancelled due to unavailability.

Reviewed by renee  /  February 18 2005
I am suprised to hear about all of these negative comments. I am a student and have been ordering my books from ecampus for the past 3 semesters. I have saved alot of money and I have never had any problems getting my books on time. I would and will shop there again.

bad service
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 04 2005
non correct

Picasso book
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 28 2005
I paid for a book that never arrived! waste of time and money!

Liars !!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
They listed the item as available and "will be shipped in 2-3 business days." I waited for soooo many days. Then I figured that the material was not in their distribution center. I emailed them, they replied with contradictions. They said that they have not received the item from distributor and will receive in very few business days. So again I waited. No progress. Then I come check the website...they had changed it from available to "Not Yet Printed. Place an order and we will ship it as soon as it arrives" The book was already printed !!! I dont get it !!! Never buy from them. If you buy from them then expect to get the book after you semester or quater ends !!

Reviewed by Guest  /  January 19 2005
This store NEVER has the listed OP item in stock! They seriously need to stop wasting our time.

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