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Excellent Store
Reviewed by DesiDime  /  September 03 2013
eBay is an excellent store I have ever use. I have bought so many products from ebay and never had any problem till date. I have also got discounts using ebay coupon codes found it on

I will surely recommended it to others.

Good place to find rare books.
Reviewed by Raffi_F  /  February 27 2011
Safe way to buy.

#1 place to buy and sell
Reviewed by Kalyns Book Korner  /  April 02 2010
I buy and sell from this site. I do use this site as my last place to see if i can find a deal or a rare book.
My sellers account is kloe8904.
Thank you and have a great day using EBay

Ebay is the best
Reviewed by powerofreading  /  September 07 2009
I am seller and also buyer. I like it. It is amazing and never had a problem. Try it and you will see it.

ebay is the coolest!!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 27 2005
I could browse ebay all day long... I swear you can find just about anything! There are always awesome deals to be found and it's a fun place to shop. I've been a member since 1999 and have bought hundreds of DVDs, dozens of 1:18 scale cars, books, CDs, shoes, accessories for my cell phone, digital camera and laptop--and all sorts of other goodies. The only thing better than finding something really cool is finding that you can get it dirt cheap! It's also fun when your stuff arrives in the mail and you get to tear into your package with anticipation--I've rarely been disappointed.

No complains so far
Reviewed by mic  /  March 09 2005
I bought from them several times, books and some other stuff, and never had any problem.

eBay is great!
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 03 2005
I both buy and sell books on eBay frequently and with great success. eBay has long been my favorite place to shop for books (and other items) because it usually offers the best prices online (and if you shop around, the best deals on shipping, too). Shopping on eBay is also user-friendly, fun, and sometimes addictive! When I don't want to bid on an auction and wait for it to end, I often find equally great deals on books from eBay Store sellers, where items have a Buy It Now option. To ensure a positive buying experience, just be sure to check out a seller's feedback before bidding or buying to know that they're reputable.

Postive if you don't mind waiting
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 19 2005
Ebay usually is the cheapest way to go when shopping for books. The downfall is you have to bid on books in an auction and might have to pay more than expected if you would like to win the auction for the book. Another downfall is that the auction takes time, then the seller has to pack and ship it provided you do win. If you order from say, Amazon, you might pay a little more but that price won't change once you commit and usually the book is shipped within a couple days (you will get your book quicker from Amazon).
Overall Ebay is a very good vender for all sorts of things, not just books.

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