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This store is freakin awesome
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 25 2005
I ordered a book from this bookstore last semester, and when I got it, someone had left a $50 bill inside the jacket. They had also taken extremely good notes in the margins and highlighted all of the important stuff. I just paid attention to the notes and the highlighted portion and made an A without really having to try. All in all, I'd say this is the best bookstore ever. You should have all of your friends buy all of their books from them because they will never find a deal as sweet as this one. I decided to stay in college an extra year just so that I could buy more books from this bookstore. It was that pleasant of an experience. Anyone who buys anything from any other bookstore is someone that we should all pity. I'm sure that you are saying to yourself, this cannot be true. How could a bookstore live up to such hype? Well, my friend, let me urge you to put them to the test. If you purchase a book from them and are not as pleased as I have been, I will personally refund your money. I'm not even associated with their company, but if you call me at 460-873-6648 (That's local in Des Moines), and give me an address and an amount of money to send to you, I will get you your refund. In fact, if you don't treasure your experience among the greatest experiences of your life, I will not only send you a full refund, I will indenture myself to you as a servant for 9 years.

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