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Reviewed by Bob A Louie  /  February 02 2010
Great service great price very easy to use website.

I had no issues with CLASSBOOK.


Great Company Great Service
Reviewed by Michael Hunt  /  January 06 2010
One of my son's text book was back ordered and once it became available classbook waived the shuipping and rushed it out to me. We had the book the next day.

A+ for
Reviewed by dooley121  /  December 01 2009
Great Site Great Service Great Price.

No complaints by me
Reviewed by jeffy1342  /  November 17 2009
This was my first time using Classbook and everything went smoothly. All my son's books were in stock and arrived on time and in great shape.
I noticed that most of the poor reviews are several years old either way I am going to use this company again.

Reviewed by fredn11  /  November 12 2009
I had a great experience with this company. I ordered both new and used books for my daughter and the used were in better condition than I expected. A few titles were not in stock, but I wasn't charged for those until they arrived (a week or so later)
I am suprised by all these negative comments because my experience with Classbook was great. I will use them again.

Great site great service!
Reviewed by alange09  /  November 12 2009
Not sure what everyone else is talking about on this site. I ordered my child's books on a Monday and had them delivered on Wednesday. The books I ordered were both new and used and in great shape. Their price was also better than most other sites I have used.
I will use again.

Reviewed by vanessa777  /  August 17 2006
classbook's site stated that they had my title at a price that I agreed with. It was not until after I paid that I was sent a message that they did not have that book in stock. They had already charged my card and it would take a 3 days to a week for that charge to be reversed. Very Shady.

If anybody has anymore problems ....PLEASE READ
Reviewed by bnkenobi  /  July 27 2006
please file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. These people should not be allowed to do business. They along with their other websites:,,

out of stock or wrong price
Reviewed by mattnyc  /  July 17 2006
why does fetchbook even keep this site? every time i click the link it reads either "out of stock" or the price changes. clearly fetchbook's software is being fooled. avoid unless you enjoy failure.

Don't believe what they advertise in-stock
Reviewed by SarahRuth  /  January 22 2006
I've ordered several books from this site before I learned my lesson. They used to be good so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Now they don't actually carry the books in-stock they claim to have. They have a disclaimer on every check-out page saying that they're not sure they actually have the book in-stock and they'll let you know; experience tells me they don't have the books in-stock. Pick another vendor that claims to for sure have the book instock!!

Reviewed by Guest  /  December 23 2005
Horrible store!!!Does not have the books they advertise.Avoid

AVOID!!!! SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by bogpetri  /  November 24 2005
Same thing happened to me! Avoid this store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Criminal Scam
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 25 2005
They are still listing the book I need at a very good price 6 months after they said they did not have it, also 5 months after, 4 months after, ...

It's a scam. If they can't update their inventory on a 6 month basis they are *not* a business.

Send your money to Nigeria, at least you will be working with honest crooks.


"Buyer" beware!
Reviewed by Kimberly  /  October 06 2005
I agree with previous reviewers. Multiple times I've tried to order a used book from ClassBook and received a message that a used copy is not available. Limits the value of fetchbook, which I recommend to all my students. Luckily for me, after I got the message, a cheaper book appeared at so I made out. But my order was delayed over 24 hours.

Bait & Switch is Illegal!
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 28 2005
I was surprised to find the 3 books I needed at the best prices available. Surprise turned to disgust after okaying a change in the order - to a new copy, no used in stock and then one hour later being informed that there were no used copies of the other 2 titles! Buyers, make a habit of checking the comments from other buyers FIRST to avoid this kind of shabby business.

Reviewed by Guest  /  September 28 2005
This is one of the worst abuses in the business; to list a used book at a certain price just to get orders. Of course, on the order screen you have the option to accept a new copy at the higher price IF the used one isn't available.

Well, immagine my surprise when all three of the titles I ordered as used were unavailable. Yet, they are still listed as available via the searches. A sham.

In a brick and mortar business this tactic is called Bait and Switch and is likely to get you a visit from the authorities.

Book Out Of Stock!!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 26 2005
Book out of stock! They said they would ship in one day and they did not even tell me they were out of stock for almost a week!!! Today is Monday need the book tomorrow!!!!

Out of stock!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 23 2005
And they didn't tell me for a week! Bad communication, only found out it was out of stock after I e-mail THEM!!

Out of Stack
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 21 2005
They are very bad in service. After 2 days, they told me my order os out of stack.

no books
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 08 2005
I have tried twice on two different books, and never have they been in. Out of stock. How are they staying in business?

never buy
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 07 2005
I would rather try one rating ebay seller. I mean never never tryst this site unless you have 2month before your class start. i even got a book that I ordered 3 weeks after I made order in THAT site. Do they wanna do a business???

if you are "out of stock" don't offer the product
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 07 2005
I have tried to get the same book several times. When I search for it initially they offer a great price and then you can opt to pay the full price if they are out of stock. When it comes to sending it, they are always "out of stock"... of the used (i.e. their cheap books)...i say "if you are "out of stock" don't offer the product-stupid"

Reviewed by Guest  /  August 31 2005
dont bother. these guys were a pain to deal with. no books instock

yeah, i expected this
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 26 2005
i got a no inventory on a book, but if i got it for this price, then i'm happy. so, it's ok.

Store Sucks!!!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 23 2005
I have tried several times to get books from the site and they send me a follow up email saying they did not have the book. They waste my time!!!!

Reviewed by Guest  /  August 20 2005
I ordered a book from them and they said days later it is out of stock. No wonder it was cheapest! They stink!

What a joke
Reviewed by Chris  /  August 19 2005
The claim that this store has your book is likely to be a lie. They seem to take your order, see if they can get the book for less money than they sold it for, then contact you back. Of course, this means that if your book is available at all, you can always get it for less somewhere else. Don't waste your time.

They Suck!
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 15 2005
They had two nursing books that I really needed. The next day I received an email saying that BOTH were out of stock. The website has yet to be updated. I wish I had read some reviews on them first. I missed out on the books from other places cause they apparently had the best deal. Dont order from this site PLEASE!

Reviewed by euler  /  June 23 2005
many used books in this store are unavailable.

Reviewed by monnkeymomm  /  June 23 2005
I ordered a book, found I wasn't going to need it, inquired how to cancel and order, did what they requested and waited four and half months for an $85 refund. The refund was given following 6 emails, the last stating I was going to report them to the Better Business Bureau and contact my attorney. Don't buy anything from this store!!!

Desired used books were not in stock
Reviewed by gorbydrum  /  June 06 2005
I placed my order and selected NOT to substitue new books if used ones were unavailable. The next day I received an email stating that used books were unavailable and my order was canceled. No charge was placed on my credit card. I feel that baited me with low used book prices, in hopes of getting me to purchase new books. I want used books (at used book prices) and will shop elsewhere for future purchases.

really suck !!!
Reviewed by tutuhu  /  June 04 2005
They charged money from my credit card for a long time. So tired, I sent them an email asking why it was so long. Do you know what they answered me?!? They sent me the email of the seller and asked me to contact directly, it's really suck online store!! And then I sent email to that seller asking the reason why.
And the most shocked thing I never thought about is this classbook store got the money and snet nothing to the seller, also the seller cancelled this item for a very long time.
I never do any purchase with this store again.

Reviewed by lucy  /  May 24 2005
Does not have book advertised as "in stock" in stock! And you find this out days after your credit card transaction has been approved.

Terrible, terrible, terrible!!!
Reviewed by babiesrus  /  May 03 2005
I have yet to actually receive a book ordered from them. They have no customer service to speak of and do not communicate with their customers. BEWARE!!

Reviewed by Guest  /  March 20 2005
This store attempts to attract customers by offering a used book for a low price, and then saying that it is unavailable to talk sellers into paying full price for a new book.

This sort of bait and switch is a classic scam.

No reply
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 16 2005
They never answer to my question... Horrible.

Poor Service
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 14 2005
I ordered a much needed book from this company 2 weeks ago. It said its availability was 24 hours. I received 1 e-mail confirming my order and no others - even after I e-mailed them! I constantly checked their website to see when my book was coming - "in process" was all that it said. They sure charged my credit card quick enough - but NEVER bothered to tell me the book was out of stock - I found out when checking the status on their website. I will NEVER, EVER order from this company again - and I do A LOT of online ordering of books! Too bad.

Book orders
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 14 2005
I have placed numerous orders with them for used books. 100% of the time they have come back and said the used book was not available but I could purchase one of the new ones at a higher price. When I go back to the shopping site they NEVER update and say they do not have used books that when you order are unavailable.
Don't use them!!!

Don't buy here! Biggerbooks is the same company!
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 12 2005
Sent me a later softcover reprint and charged me the hardcover price. Went so far as to lie and say I ordered the softback. Took forever to get it. Customer service is a joke.

Great Service!
Reviewed by tonypf18  /  March 05 2005
I recieved all books quickly and saved $$$. I would order again in heartbeat! Great service

price raised after purchase and book unavailable
Reviewed by sled  /  March 02 2005
Ordered used book. Several DAYS later got notice that price was increased. OK'd price, credit card was charged, supposedly "in process" as I waited for the book to be shipped. No communication from them. I constantly checked the website to track my order only to find out they couldn't get the book. No communication to me while I waited. I would have looked elsewhare if they had only told me. Don't use these guys!!

works for me
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 11 2005
the book was in good condition and I got it soon enough for class keep it up

out of stock - no email notification
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 10 2005
Just like everyone else, they were out of stock of the book I wanted. I never got an email informing me of this until after I went back to the web page to check my order status. Terrible business.

rechecked the site
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 10 2005
I rechecked the site and the book I wanted is still on the site and still not avaialble. When will these guys make their site correspond to what they actually have.

Great service and great prices
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 07 2005
I am not sure what happened with the other reviews, but I recieved all my textbooks and for great prices. I would buy from ClassBook again in an instant.

Reviewed by Guest  /  February 02 2005
i wish i had read the reviews. the site says they will only tell you if the book is available or not once you order. they take your credit card number and then tell you thanks but the book isnt here... prebably never was!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!

Me too.
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 30 2005
It doesnt matter that I check used or new. They still dont have it.

Pls dont use this site
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 29 2005
They make you buy book by showing low prices and they give a choice of buying the new book if the old one is not available. If you check that then they will charge for the new one and send you that. Good thing i unchecked in several occasions and got reply saying that used book is not available

Consumer Beware!!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 28 2005
Need we say more?

same as everyone else
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 26 2005
Word to the wise--read the reviews before ordering.

Reviewed by Guest  /  January 26 2005
I, too, wish I had read the reviews before ordering from this outfit.

They agreed to sell me a used textbook, as advertised and authorixzed my credit card and gave me a receipt. I eagerly anticipated its delivery each day for over 2 weeks. When eventually I checked my order status on their web site, I found they had cancelled my order without telling me by email. Apparently, they are in business to sell new textbooks. They manage used sales very poorly.

I hope your experience will be better than mine, should you choose to do business with these people.

book NOT shipped, but visa CHARGED!
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 25 2005
i ordered a book, was charged on my Visa, and 10 days later have yet to hear from them or receive the book. DO NOT order from this place!!!!!!!!!!

Same as everyone else
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 25 2005
Good price for a book they don't have in stock.

Sounds like that has been going around with everyone else.

Wish I would've known about them before ordering.

Book Listed & Continues to Be Listed but IS NOT Available
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 22 2005
After trying to order several different versions of the book off of the site, I keep getting emails saying that a sales rep has been assigned and that the item has been canceled because it is not available.

Of course, I never hear from the "sales rep".

Maybe they meant "sales rap".

Class Book review
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 22 2005
I wish I had read the store reviews first. This is the first one of the businesses I've had a problem with. I ordered a book, then received a message saying an error had been created and no order placed. I then purchased elsewhere, then received an e mail saying "thank you for your order." I tried to e mail back to say CANCEL the order, but now I cannot get back onto their site for some reason. I am going to email FetchBook and advise they get rid of this listing.

Fetchbook Should Delete These Bogus SEllers
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 21 2005
They never have the books they advertise. I don't even bother with them anymore. Fetchbook, do us all a favor and blacklist'em.

Waste of time
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 21 2005
I had the same problem as some of the other reviewers. I ordered the book, and only later did they tell me that my book wasnt in stock and my order had been canceled.

Orders cancelled
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 21 2005
Three different orders were cancelled because books were not in stock. The seller only tells you 48 hours later.

Stay away --- too many bad vibes
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
My book is listed in various search engines as being in stock with this company. Yet when you click on the book on its page, a message always pops up saying they can't confirm availability of the book until you place an order. It's simple. Either they have it or they don't. Their price for a new copy is not that competitive and I'm surprised they c/b listing a used copy only a month after book was published.

They also say they are headquartered in "upstate NY" but they are not specific.

Book is not available
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
I also not trust this site because book is never available.

The book you found may not be ther at all
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
I searched for the book: Th ePrinciples ofBiological Autonomy -- and found it, used (it's not currently in print). I ordere it and was informed that they nolonger had a copy of the book. However months later they still show the same unaavailable book on there web site. It still comes up when I search and it really isn't there. I nolonger trust this site to have what it says.

Wrong book listed
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
The book I searched for (and was so excited to see the price next to) was the wrong book on the website when I went to buy it.

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