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Bait and Switch
Reviewed by AlvinFox  /  August 18 2010's bait and switch tactics have been making my wishlist useless. I did find out that there is a way to exclude stores from your searchs. When you do a search click the "[X]" to the left of the store's name.

book prices
Reviewed by tiny86  /  August 17 2010
The books are not the same price as advertised online at the comparison price. Book are much more expensive.

Bogus Prices
Reviewed by German_Campos  /  August 15 2010
Same complaint: reports fake prices, thus rendering Fetchbook practically useless.

Reviewed by job26red  /  August 14 2010
This store never has the books for which I am alerted at the price from which I am alerted.

Reviewed by designinglife  /  August 13 2010
They send false prices to Fetchbook to get people to come to their site where the prices are basically full price. Again, pitiful. - Deceptive, Never available at Fetchbook price!
Reviewed by jkevermore  /  June 30 2010
Never fails, shows up as the lowest price. When you click to buy, the price is always higher. Try it, you'll see.

Bogus, deceptive
Reviewed by Vesta  /  April 06 2009 They always have the lowest price on any book you search for, and they never have the book in stock. Fetchbook should ban these guys.

I am not a book seller, I am a customer. And I will never buy anything from these clowns. is WONDERFUL.. one of the best.
Reviewed by DrJJ  /  September 24 2008
EXCELLENT and LOWEST PRICE 80% of the time. Fastest shipping in all of online shopping. (usually).

Sad. There are "book-sellers"... you know, little guy with a computer and some selling savvy... and he wants to belittle the competition saying they are HORRIBLE... STAY AWAY. Non-sense. If your going to compete, then compete fairly.

The only thing that is absurd with in listing products, is that THEY ALLOW the obvious attacks on these companies! Silliness.

Just look at the best companies that are out there on the internet.. how do they RATE here? 1 or 2 stars. Sad.

But, this is a great service... just don't discount They are on the top of my list.
DrJJ almost always DOES have the lowest price on books
Reviewed by millca8  /  June 25 2008
I have been buying books almost exclusively from for well over 5 years now. They consistently have lower prices than most other online resellers and I have not ONCE ran into not having the book I was searching if it came up under or even Google's Shopping price comparison search. even offers free shipping on most of their books as long as you buy $25 worth at one time. They have really good customer support if there is every any issues that come up with your order.

Having read the other reviews slamming, I would just encourage you to see the VERY similarly worded postings and realize that they are either from a competitor or just someone who is extremely vindictive. I've been a customer for over 8 years now and they are my top choice whenever I'm looking for books, electronics, and a whole lot more. I even have one of their Visa cards which I use for all my everyday purchases so I can get a ton of points to turn around and buy stuff with all the money I save up. They are a great company so please just check them out for yourselves before you listen to the obviously bogus and slanted reviews found on this website.

mislabeled item a distraction to buyers
Reviewed by fetch this  /  May 30 2008
mislabeled item a distraction to buyers Bait viewers with impossible prices to gain visits
Reviewed by Magick Wyrd  /  May 22 2008
Foul and malicious players. It's the "Bait and Switch" method of getting people to visit their site. They have no reputation for honest advertising, plus they negatively affect all who use book fetch services. The REAL ISSUE is for people who have set-up ALERTS FOR TITLES they want at a good price. Your wish list is nullified when posts their FAKE PRICES that are artificially low so THEY UNDERCUT ANY REAL LISTING. You can't hope to be alerted to a real book deal when trips the low price setting in your wish list and you lose your book alert.
BUY.COM sucks, there is no other accurate description for their offensive business behavior.
I never believe their prices because I've never found a low cost item that directs the buyer to a book in their inventory. They are simply using the system to attract potential customers in an underhanded manner.

Best online bookseller
Reviewed by Anxious Anglican  /  March 10 2008
Accurately described stockage, great prices, fast shipping. I have not had the negative experiences other buyers have described below. Period. Great bookseller!

Bogus Prices On FetchBook
Reviewed by rickweed  /  February 19 2008 has been rendering FetchBook essentially useless with the continuing listing and reporting of prices which may be the lowest, but are unfortunately bogus. I can't tell you how many times in the past few months I have had shown as having the lowest price when doing a price comparison, only to have state they don't have the item at the reported price.

Reviewed by mikkel1  /  February 04 2008
have tried, over and over, to buy books from this store. They have yet to have a single book in stock that they post. What an absolute waste of my time to even check. I am going to stop using Fetchbook because all the posted prices are bogus because of, ..., always lowest, and always out of stock.

Book not found
Reviewed by vvolkman  /  February 03 2008 won't even let me BACKORDER the book. Very bizarro.

RE: Not in inventory
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  February 02 2008
This makes useless again, like the fiasco with from several months back.

Absolute waste of time
Reviewed by Septimius  /  February 01 2008
I have tried, over and over, to buy books from this store. They have yet to have a single book in stock that they post. What an absolute waste of my time to even check. I am going to stop using Fetchbook because all the posted prices are bogus because of, ..., always lowest, and always out of stock.
Reviewed by Bookthief  /  January 31 2008 is totally bogus. Shame on you, FetchBook.Info, for allowing them to continue this nonsense!

Make the fetchbook wishlist function useless
Reviewed by awr66  /  January 29 2008
Claim to have copies of all the books I'm looking for, but none in stock when you go to their site. Bait and switch I guess. is a total waste of time
Reviewed by bibliobod  /  January 29 2008
I see that, once again, this WORTHLESS store has hijacked FetchBook by claiming to have ultra-cheap copies of scarce books, thus making FetchBook's email alerts useless. Why FetchBook allows this is a mystery to me. To save you wasting your time: BUY.COM DOES NOT HAVE THE BOOK YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AT THIS SILLY PRICE.

Same experience as gmehta
Reviewed by Kimberly  /  January 28 2008
Wonderful price offered, book nonexistant on I love FetchBook, but sellers like this undermine the value of the service.

Why does buy dot com waste our time when they have nothing
Reviewed by gmehta  /  January 26 2008
I get this alert that the book i am intersted in is available at a price i am looking for at buy dot com and when i click on the link it results in 'not found'.

It would be a great service to us if fetchbook dot info can take buy dot com off their list.

False Advertising; not to be trusted!
Reviewed by ryu_america  /  January 25 2008
This store appears to offer every book at a decent price, including rare and collectible pieces. In actuality, they have almost nothing that they advertise, and even when they do have something the price is much more expensive than the seemingly random prices that show up in searches. Avoid at all costs!

Don't have what they advertise
Reviewed by porkbutter  /  December 31 2007
Most items that I have tried to get here WERE NOT in stock even though they were advertising them. Don't bother with this dump.

Great prices, fast shipping
Reviewed by william.barto  /  November 06 2007 routinely has the lowest prices of any new book dealer online, and it gets the lion's share of my book-buying business. Another reviewer noted inventory control problems, but my experience does not bear out that observation; in fact, has the most reliable buyer notification program to email you when a book you want is back in stock. Best online bookseller, bar none!

Lousy customer service, books not as advertised
Reviewed by wpahiker  /  April 15 2007
According to their site I was ordering a hardback version of a book, what arrived was a paperback version. I felt, since hardbacks usually cost more, that I was due either a refund or a replacement. While they offered to replace the book, no one could assure me that they did have a hardback in stock.

In any case, the return shipment email never arrived. When I contacted them to resend it, I was told my case would be escalated. It's been over half a month and I still haven't heard back, other than an occasion response to an inquiry for a status, all the email says is that is has been escalated.

It's been over a month since the original purchase and complaint, with no real resolution in sight. Chalking this up to experience, never to deal with again!

Fast shipping, great prices.
Reviewed by neijiy  /  January 22 2007
I'm also mystified why there are so many negative reviews of I purchase from them regularly, they have always got me my books in 3-4 days (free shipping), and they have been well packagaged, without any problems. also seems to have a policy of undercutting Amazon, so why not save a few bucks there. is THE WORST!
Reviewed by bigreader  /  January 04 2007
I used to buy a lot of books & CDs from, but they have really gone downhill. In the past year or so, I have had so many different types of bad experiences with them that nothing can induce me to ever visit their site again. I have had books arrive damaged because they were mailed loose in a large box; orders that supposedly were shipped, but never arrived; orders delayed interminably; orders cancelled (belatedly) because the book is "unavailable", despite being still listed on the site ... way too many problems!

But the most appalling experience I had was when I ordered a new book which was meant for a gift -- and please note, this was NOT ordered from a 3rd-party seller, but from itself -- and a filthy, heavily-worn used book was delivered! I immediately contacted them and returned it at their expense, and they did replace it -- with ANOTHER used-looking book, but at least one that was not so filthy. Gee, thanks, It's not bad enough that their order-fulfilment process is terrible, but now they're also selling grubby, used merchandise as new? My advice is to STAY AWAY and save yourself a lot of grief.

The best for new books!
Reviewed by oceantide  /  July 23 2006 is the best for new books. I've read some bad reviews here and dont understand. Amazon and other sites run "out-of-stock" as well. Thats not really a problem if you think they are bad, and others are better. Just order it from another site and let them tell you how they are, out-of-stock, too. What a poor reason to give a bad review. I've had that happen at just about every site. Other sites list some of the same books in stock as well (like the ones that say 2 to 4 weeks shipping time) just so they dont lose business to other sites who say they have it even though they dont. Anyways is the best as I said because they have excellent speed and shipping. When I order books they arrive quick and are packaged far better than Amazon. Amazon uses relativelty large boxes and air-pocket sort of things to pack the books wich smashes and bends the books pretty badly. packs the books in tighter packages and they rarely bend or get cardboard burns wich is common with Amazon. In my experience atleast, I have had far more books arrive in "new condition" and very quickly than any other site.

Avoid these guys like the plague!
Reviewed by eric33066  /  April 23 2006
To save about $1.50 off Amazon's price, I ordered a book from Buy(.com). They said it was available for shipment in 1-2 weeks. That was OK with me. But then after only 3 days they shipped out a different but similar title from the same author. I'm sure they did this on purpose. Customer service is non-existent. After several e-mails to the support department that went unansered, I have given up. Rather than suffer the costs of mailing the book back to Buy(.com), only to get a credit (not a refund), I decided to put it up for sale on Amazon. Which is where I should have bought it in the first place.

Out of STock
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 16 2006
I have used in the past with good results. Recently, however, I was disappointed. On 11/22 I ordered a book as a gift, on 12/27 I was notified that the book was no longer available from a particular suppllier and therefore my order was cancelled. SUCKS,,i would log in if i could!!!!!!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 10 2006
every time i try to log in to the site i have to call the customer service,the phone # is 1-877-780-2464 just in case you need it to, it say there is no info on my e-mail or password,and i know my e-mail and password is right because i print it out and this isint the first time this happend with ,,so if you like doing this whole process feel free to try it ,,hell good luck

Great deals! Fast, Free Shipping!
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 23 2005
I've used for years and consistently find them to have the lowest price for new books. Also, on most books, with a purchase of $25 or more, the shipping is free! Free does not mean slow -- usually I have my order in 1 week!

Wonderful Experience
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 14 2005
I have shopped at numerous times for books and it has always been an excellent experience.

book not in stock
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 12 2005
a week after i ordered the book, the bookseller says that the book is oon back order and does not know when it will arrive.

Poor Service
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 03 2005
Poor, poor, service. Ordered 12 books that the vendor showed as being in stock and only received one. Even though the book was out of stock, the vendor continued to indicate that the book was in stock. After several attempts to get specific answers to my questions (over 2 weeks) from Customer Service, I canceled the remaining order. The only response I ever received were computer generated generic responses that never addressed my questions. I stopped using last year for some of the same reasons and decided to give them another try. Guess that was a mistake.

Offers items for 1-2 day sale that are not yet available
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 17 2005
I ordered a new model of hard drive advertised as available is 1-2 days. After weeks, I tried to cancel my order. could not cancel until a waited another two weeks for confirmation f the cancellation. Can't trust if sometig is really in stock/available. Terribale "indian call center" support and huge delays canceling orders.

Where is my Book?
Reviewed by Guest  /  July 26 2005
I ordered this book over a month ago and still have not received it or have been updated on the status of the book.

I'm a happy customer
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 03 2005
I only bought from once, because they had the best price I could find. Usually prices are better elsewhere, but I was very pleased with their service, and I would buy from them again.

One of the best online shopinng experiences I had
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
I shop regularly on the net, and has given me one of the most outstanding shopping experiences I've had in a long time. The items arrived in perfect shape, and on time, and the price was reasonable too. I must say I was impressed with them.

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