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Sent books 9 months later
Reviewed by rcsanderstx  /  December 19 2010
I ordered books that were "in stock" and they did not come, so I reordered, 9 months later the book has a new printing an they fill my order from 9 months previous. To make it worse the book now sells for $7.00 less. Could not get any help because their computer only shows orders up to 6 months old. Don't order from these people.

Very disappointing
Reviewed by Anxious Anglican  /  March 10 2008
Books A Million is a very erratic supplier, which, in and of itself, is not a singular characteristic among internet booksellers. However, I have lost track of the number of times that I have placed an order for a book shown as in-stock only to receive an email weeks if not months later that says that the book is out of stock or cannot be obtained from the publisher. The company needs to be more honest in its descriptions on their website about book availability.

Cancel orders- Items never in stock-Very misleading
Reviewed by penkin  /  September 23 2007
This site should be removed from Fetch Book. They seemingly have every book ever published and at the lowest price.
Once you place your order you are notified it is no longer in stock. You are encouraged to re-order, only to receive the same results.
This has happened to me countless times.
They totally distort the actual price of the book you are looking for.

Reviewed by fetchit58  /  September 15 2007
Bought many books from them.
NEVER a problem
Always fast service
Thanks BAM!

These guys should be thrown off the site!
Reviewed by bpfsr  /  January 27 2007
BAM does not have books, I don't know what they are trying to pull but don't even waste your time trying to order, the books are not in stock. They put artificially low prices here which I can only assume is part of some greater scam, but if you try to buy a book you will not get it. I have to assume the few people who left good feedback for them are actually BAM people.

Nothing in stock
Reviewed by Freda  /  December 04 2006
After ordering book after book from this store, dozens of times, I swore never to waste my time again. Every single order was cancelled, as every single book they claimed, through Fetchbook, to have in stock, turned out not to be in stock. It was for me a complete waste of time. Don't bother. Find a real, reputable store instead. Dealing with this people is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There's lots of straw in the barn, and maybe one needle (ahem, book?) on a single shelf all the way in the back. And it's been worth 2 cents for the last 200 years, so no one wants it. You'll never find anything here.

Never Order From Them
Reviewed by metrofin  /  November 01 2006
Everytime I have tried to order from these guys the book is NEVER in stock. Why waste your time. They show it available, take your payment, and then take their time in rfunding you! I will never purchase from them again!!!!!

Great Service
Reviewed by David777  /  June 27 2006
I order hundreds of dollars a year from Books a Million and have ALWAYS experienced great services. Their prices are usually the lowest and when you throw in the free shipping they are almost impossible to beat. I know some reviewers have experienced other results. I buy only religious books and they always come promptly.

ISBN 0683074997
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 10 2005
Exceptional email support,
Excellent quality merchandise,
Extremely fast shipping,
Very safe packaging.

Thanks BAM

Fast, cheap, good communication, right on time
Reviewed by meshank  /  December 02 2005
I have found BAMM.COM to be fast, relaiable, and the best priced book store on many occasions especially when using their membership. The membership purchased in store has gone up to $10/yr but you make it back in discounts once you have purchased more than $100 worth of books in a year's time. Their shipping rates are competitive and they have provided tracking information that was accurate and reliable. They also offer a free book preview e-mail service in fiction, non-fiction, Christian, audio books and other book genres that I enjoy. Do your research on Fetchbook (the best book shopping site) and consider BAMM as a very viable competitor. Their physical stores are also nice.

Reviewed by Guest  /  October 26 2005

Cancelled Order
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 10 2005
I was very disappointed with this store. They advertise books as available and then cancel them from your order. I ordered a book I had been looking everywhere for and added a couple of books to my order for the free shipping. The book I "really" wanted was cancelled and I was told it was unavailable - at least all the other stores are honest enough to say the book is out of stock and/or unavailable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

million dollar shop
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
They have trully great prices, and they stand out above all other book stores (which is not a simple thing to do).
They allways have low prices, and their shipping schedule is allways on time. I have shopped in Books A million several times, and have never found myself dissapointed. This is one online book store I will keep on shopping in.

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