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Reviewed by gmhendo  /  February 08 2011
Tried to con me into some membership deal where they debit my card each year. I had to be very clear that I wanted no part of their deal. No I find I can't get to the check out. Another waste of time

Great Service
Reviewed by aen  /  January 14 2010
I REALLY needed the book that I ordered from B&N and took a chance based on other reviews. I did so because the seller on the B&N website had good ratings. I had no problems whatsoever, in fact it came from oneplanetbooks which I found out is an offshoot of So check out who the seller is!!

terrible service
Reviewed by jody l anderson  /  September 22 2009
The order was canceled after B & N said it was shipped, i checked online and it said they had 9 copies on site. They appear to advertise a low price, however do not fulfill the orders. Do not order from them it is a scam.

Reviewed by shakor  /  September 21 2009
The order was canceled. I ignored the negative experience of other customers and got what they had before me. Better to avoid that seller when you are looking for used books.

Reviewed by gbushg  /  June 22 2009

Great Purchase of A Used, but Current textbook.
Reviewed by Sabai  /  November 10 2006
Purchased Nelson's Pediatrics, 17th edn. Labeled as used and had some scratches on hardcover (expected). But otherwise, it was in great condition with no highlighting, folded pages, etc. Shipper had kindly shrink-wrapped it with my invoice.

1) Item arrived via Media Mail in timely manner.
2) I saved about $40.
3) Would DEFINITELY use FetchBook.Info and B&N again.

Order Experience
Reviewed by viper  /  May 04 2006
Do not order any used books from barns and noble! I ordered used books from them 4 times. All 4 times they canceled my order, because the book was not aviable. I've ordered from half of these sellers before. They had the item I was looking for and bought it! the way it looks, barns and noble will always cancel used book orders that come from independent sellers! If you don't order a book form barns and noble, don't count on getting a used book from them!They want your money. If you don't by book directly form them, they will always cancel your used book order!

great prices, great service, great shipping
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
I had the chance to purchade a few books from Barnes and Noble right before Christmas, and I have to say I was very happy with the service I received.
The books arrived much much sooner than I had expected, and the items arrived in perfect condition as well.
I will definately shop there again.

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