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Reviewed by Guest  /  November 02 2005
I can only say the same thing as the rest of the users. That this $0 price caused me to spend half my morning refreshing, using other browsers, deleting cookies, clearing caches all because I thought there was something wrong on my end. It is a very sloppy way to update listings, and very dissapointing as I believed that the book that I had been searching for 6 months for was finally here!

Reviewed by babiesrus  /  November 02 2005
I also received LOTS of price notification emails last night due to this store's $0.00 price on the books. Grrr...

Agree with Mark
Reviewed by ashai  /  November 02 2005
ditto to Mark's comment

Site Errors and No BOOKS!!!
Reviewed by Mark  /  November 02 2005
I got 10 price notifications in my inbox tonight. All because this store has (it seems) any book that they do not have in stock listed at $0. Furthermore, the site has been returning an error for a while now, any time you click: "add to cart." Fetchbook shouldget rid of them until they clean up their act.

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