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Although I always used once, I got really fast shipping
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  December 01 2011
I don't know how it was done, but I got the book just as described and as fast as if it were any Amazon Marketplace book.

Use with Confidence
Reviewed by toolman  /  September 20 2009
I have purchased books from this service on multiple occaisions and I have never had a singular problem. This is a site outside the US I am confident and comfortable with. I recommend this site.

"What sort of business are you running ? "
Reviewed by bibliobod  /  December 20 2007
If the disappointed (US?) buyer ordered his books from Amazon Marketplace (i.e. from a third party seller) he can get his money back quite easily by applying to Amazon (go to 'My Account' and follow the links). However, if the books were shipped surface mail (all that can be done within the niggardly Amazon postage allowance) he may yet receive them as shipping can take 3 months! I am an Markeplace seller and have given up sending to the US by surface mail, having become fed up with the abuse from impatient US buyers who seem the think I am the Royal Mail, the US Customs Service and US Mail, all rolled into one. Who needs it?´s Warehouse deals
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  December 09 2007
This branch of the Warehouse deals UK will only ship goods within the UK and unfortunately one cannot take any advantage of the offered items at their store. A non UK resident will never have the chance of bending any rule for shipping purposes, either. It all seems one would need an UK based shipping as well.

Great bookseller
Reviewed by Ghormax  /  May 20 2006
Amazon is an excellent book store in any country. I have ordered books and DVDs from and I have never been disappointed. It is fast and satisfying. Amazon offers the best service and fast delivery. I can only recommend this bookseller!

What sort of business are you running ?
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 07 2005
I ordered 3 books from them, paid up-front, and never heard from them again. No reply to my emails ... nothing. I've given up trying. This was 48 days ago. I am very surprised because I always thought businessmen, especially booksellers, in England, no less, were more honest and more professional than in the States. I guess not. Next time I pay full price at a bookstore, where I can hold onto to a book right away. I can write off the money I lost, and put it down to the cost of doing business and a life experience. Sadder but wiser.

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