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About Us

FetchBook.Info is a free service aimed to provide the best shopping tools for book buyers. FetchBook.Info is completely independent, and does not contain any promotional material or ads. We do not prefer any book store for any reason, and therefore we're totally objective.

Every book price comparison is done in real time and scans 145 book stores. To make sure we find the lowest price, we are constantly adding new stores to the scanning engine.

Using our service, you can find any book you want, see information about it and compare its total cost, including the shipping costs to your destination, to find the deal that's best for you. The results link you directly to the book page at the book store site, where you can easily order the book. In addition, you can find our selected book reviews sites on our book resources page.

If you have found our service useful, please link to us and recommend us to your friends. You can also join our affiliate program by adding our search and price comparison to your site.

We're striving to improve our service and add more features that will get you the lowest books prices. If you've found an inaccuracy, a lower book price than what quoted or a book store that we do not scan yet, please let us know and we will look at it immediately. Feel free to send us feedback - everything is appreciated!

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